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postheadericon Classroom technology

Cutting-edge classroom technology
maximizes student engagement and learning!

At Paris School, we  invest in the best tools available to promote student success!

Use of dynamic and interactive technology in every classroom adds measureable dimension to our curriculum by facilitating active learning and maximizing student engagement. Having computers at their fingertips gives our students a learning advantage and our educators a powerful teaching tool!


Paris School students benefit from the school-wide use of technology in our classrooms. Used to supplement traditional classroom instruction, iPads offer an exciting and engaging dimension to student learning. Storedon rolling carts, the iPads are easily moved from classroom to classroom depending upon instruction needs and are
fully equipped with applications constantly tailored to our stringent curriculum.


Paris School 7th and 8th graders enjoy the advantages of a 1:1 laptop computer ratio. Students may utilize programs and storage on the Paris School server and enjoy that our wireless network allows them to easily access information for classroom assignments and projects in any area of our school building. Providing technology at our students’ fingertips increases productivity and classroom discussion, as well as prepares middle school students for the rigors of Central High School’s technology-mandated curriculum.



SmartBoards in every Paris School classroom are a versatile and stimulating window to increased learning. With touch-screen, electronic marker board, and video capabilities, SmartBoards replace traditional chalkboards as the focus of the modern-day classroom. Used as a tool for curriculum-enhancement, Paris School SmartBoards light a spark in our students, appeal to learners of all types, and promote academic success in countless ways!

  • LEARN 360:

This specialized subscription program works in conjunction with SMART Board technology. With the click of a mouse, Paris School educators have access to virtually endless arrays of educational video-on-demand. The easily-accessible and highly-engaging Learn 360 technology appeals to learners of all styles and provides our teachers
yet another tool to maximize student achievement!


Our Lightspeed REDCAT sound-field amplification systems provides the newest innovation in listening enhancement to Paris School students. Each Paris School classroom is equipped with this wireless sound-field technology that distributes the teacher’s voice at the same amplified level throughout the classroom. The system allows each child to hear their teacher’s voice above the varied classroom, hallway, and playground noises that may occur. As a result, Paris School students are able to hear classroom instructions more clearly, participate more fully
in educational activities, and achieve
the highest educational success!