Paris Consolidated School District
1901–176th Avenue Kenosha, WI 53144 (262) 859-2350

postheadericon Panther Pride

Panther Pride rules our school!

Paris School is a proud school with
a longstanding history in our community. And, “Panther Pride” is simply the way of life here! Paris School students eagerly embrace this school-wide
code of conduct that teaches self-respect and respect for others.

Paris School students believe in themselves and believe that it’s “cool”
to do their best, work hard, be kind, and, best of all, be smart!

Our “Panther Pride” credo also helps maintain a safe and positive learning environment free from behavioral distractions that may occur
in other schools. Because we have the highest academic and behavioral expectations of our students, they learn to expect the best from themselves. As a result, Paris School is an inclusive, positive, character-building place where students love to learn!