Paris Consolidated School District
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We support our students’ need to succeed!

TO ENSURE THE success of each and every student, Paris School is committed to the early identification and assessment of unique student learning needs. Through a proactive and multi-disciplinary approach, Paris School specialized support professionals address the diverse needs of students who may benefit from additional educational assistance and/or special education services.

Our team of educational support professionals includes our reading specialist, guidance counselor, and certified teaching aides. Paris School special education students receive instruction and support from a multi-disciplinary team consisting of our multi-categorical special education teacher, school psychologist, speech and language pathologist, and related service providers.

Through commitment to early, ongoing student assessment
and comprehensive, individualized intervention strategies, our specialized support team ensures that all Paris School learners
have the opportunity to reach their highest potential!

    Our daily classroom instruction is guided by on-going academic assessments, individualized student needs, and State of Wisconsin educational standards.
    These scheduled “brain booster” periods provide one-on-one intervention to students who require additional curriculum support.
    Paris School offers supplemental instruction that provides identified students with additional opportunities to develop
    and master learning strategies.
    Directed at students learning the English language, our ELL program provides instructional programming to promote second language acquisition and academic success.
    Our multi-disciplinary team of special education professionals evaluates and provides individualized educational programming to students identified with, but not limited to, speech and language, learning, emotional and behavioral, and physical disabilities. Our in-school professionals work closely with parents and outside professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach to meet the unique educational and social needs of each student.
  • GUIDANCE PROGRAM: Attention to the personal and social well-being of Paris School students promotes a positive and peaceful learning environment! Our school guidance counselor provides valuable monthly character education, targeted individual and classroom discussions, and an open and accessible avenue for student exchange.