Paris Consolidated School District
1901–176th Avenue Kenosha, WI 53144 (262) 859-2350

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BEST is better!

At Paris School, providing our students the BEST is our order of business. In all areas–from academics to social needs to safety and support–Paris School students simply receive what they need to achieve!

    Our small size means individualized attention is the rule,
    not the exception
    . Paying close attention to our students’ academic and social needs creates a tightly-knit, extended-family school environment that promotes student confidence. As a result, our kids are comfortable in all aspects of their surroundings. Free from the distractions of larger
    schools, our students are free
    to achieve above the norm!
    Paris School students benefit from our challenging, comprehensive curriculum. Free from the constraints
    of larger school districts, we succeed in setting our academic standards at a superior level. And Paris School students consistently achieve! Rather than “teach to the middle,” we clearly define our academic expectations and then do our job as educators to help ALL Paris School learners succeed!
    At Paris School, we provide our students and educators
    with the very best tools to assure student achievement
    and success.
    Our progressive Paris School Technology Initiative, a cooperative venture between the Paris School Board, the Paris School Organization, and generous community donors, including ManPower, Inc., equips Paris School students with the best in cutting-edge technology. Recent school-wide infrastructure wireless upgrades support progressive, curriculum-enhancing technology including 70 iPads for K-8 use and 80 laptop computers for middle school students. In addition,
    SMART Board technology with Learn 360 educational video-on-demand and Lightspeed REDCAT sound amplification systems in EVERY Paris School classroom enhance classroom experiences and promote increased learning.
    While Paris School students thrive in our progressive academic setting, they blossom even further when given free time and valuable opportunities to explore other types of learning. At Paris School, we are committed to providing our students with vital growth experiences such as recess, art class, music class, and physical education. Our kids undeniably benefit from classroom breaks and attention to their artistic, musical, and physical activity needs. Unlike other districts that may reduce such activities in favor of academic time, we believe our school district achieves above the norm because we nurture the WHOLE child.
    At Paris School, we believe in meeting the needs of ALL learners. Each school year we assess, assess, and reassess student needs to design effective education strategies and interventions, including differentiated classroom instruction, creative individual and group curriculum application, and multi-grade learning experiences. Utilizing skill-based assessment tool such as Measures
    of Academic Progress (MAP), Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS), and the AIMSWEB assessment system
    throughout the school year enables us to help our students reach their highest learning potential, as well as align our educational strategies to meet Common Core State Standards.
    Our specialized support professionals are committed to early identification and assessment of specialized student learning needs to assure the success of Paris School students who may benefit from supplementary educational assistance and/or special education services.
    Panther Pride rules our school!
    Paris School progressive administration and staff commit not only to student academic success, but also their social success. Paris School students are expected to follow our school-wide Panther Pride code of conduct that teaches self-respect and respect for others. Our zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of disrespect makes Paris School a peaceful, positive environment conducive to the highest levels of student achievement.
    At Paris School, attending middle school is as simple as
    walking upstairs to the second floor of our building! The
    Middle School transition is easy and stress-free,
    as our sixth grade students already know each other and their middle school teachers. In addition, our superior academic standards and challenging curriculum continue in the middle school setting—providing Paris Middle Schoolers with the benefits of educational continuity and fully preparing them for the demands
    of high school.