Paris Consolidated School District
1901–176th Avenue Kenosha, WI 53144 (262) 859-2350

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Paris School students THRIVE
in our positive environment!

WE BELIEVE A peaceful and positive school environment is key to optimal learning. When students feel safe, respected, and accepted they are free to gain comfort and confidence in their surroundings and in themselves.
Paris School students achieve at the highest level because they are
free to LEARN!

Click here to learn about our unique “Panther Pride” code of conduct
that keeps our school a safe and happy place!

Read what parents and students
have to say about our great school:

  • Paris School parents of two, grades K and 3:

Our family currently has two children at Paris School. One is in Kindergarten and one is in third grade. My husband and I value education and understand the benefits of a strong academic foundation. We wanted our kids to be in a K-8 setting. We started looking at schools two years before our oldest would be starting Kindergarten. We looked at parochial and charter schools in Kenosha.
Keep in mind this was before the consolidation of the Catholic schools and before the changes that swept Kenosha Unified. One visit to Paris School and we knew this is where we wanted our children to be. We saw kids that were engaged and teachers who were able to teach without distractions. We also saw technology in use, including the Red Cat Amplification System and SMART Boards. We’ve seen additional technological upgrades including the addition of I-Pads. More importantly, we’ve found the staff to be exceptional. The administrator has high expectations of students and staff and the teachers have been wonderful to work with. There is a strong sense of “Panther Pride” that emphasizes respect between student interactions with each other and with the staff.

We are an open enrollment family and the 20 minute drive to and from school each day is worth it. We are always proud to talk about Paris school and why we love it. Our kids love going to school and are excited to learn. It’s comforting to know that they feel safe at Paris and we know that they are being cared for in a positive learning environment.”

  • Paris School parents of a Kindergartner:

We love how friendly and supportive the teachers and staff are at Paris Elementary School.  Everyone is engaged in helping the students achieve their highest potential.”

  • Paris School sixth grade student:

I like KHK (Kids Helping Kids mentoring program).
I love to help the younger kids learn.”

  • Paris School mom of three, grades 1, 4 and 7:

My first grader came home talking about “vowel diphthongs” and “line of symmetry.” My fourth grader has educated me on the perils of the Union Army’s blue uniforms fading to gray during the Civil War and the definition of open and closed electrical circuits. He has given a 15 minute oral presentation in class and brings home spelling words like “seize,” “luminescence,” and “hierarchy.” My seventh grader is a voracious reader and is constantly challenged by book recommendations from his reading and language teacher. To me, this says it ALL about Paris School’s level of commitment to high academic standards.”

  • Paris School mom of two, grades 3 and 6:

We love the close-knit, friendly atmosphere in the school overall. The entire staff is very supportive! The teachers do a great job at separating the abilities of students, especially in math, to keep the more advanced students challenged, including an opportunity to take high school math, if needed.”